Jardín del Edén

Rajská záhrada


Her melodic voice tells the stories of the last days. She is cheerful, the children make her happy
and she is passionate about her recent project. Embodied optimism.
A sip of ice lemonade takes me back from virtual reality. Our continents are divided by the ocean,
we see the sun with a seven-hour difference, and we are both quarantined.

She says spring is beginning.

I look around our tropical garden, where everything is slowly beginning to bloom. I’ve never
been here during the rainy season, and at this point I don’t know I’ll be here for another six

The Jardín del Edén series starts in late March 2020 in Mexico during the COVID-19 quarantine
period. It is based on selfie photographs of women with whom I conduct intercontinental
quarantine talks
at various intensities.

Every woman perceives herself in her own way as beautiful and each of us have our own mirror
set on. I understand the selfie phenomenon as a certain abbreviation – an instant and, above all,
easily distributed self-portrait. The isolation factor brings a certain change, I begin to realize the
psychological depth in self presentation, the selfie changes into a probe into the state of the soul.

The final photographs represent a personification of an exotic plant in a portrait of a woman. To
unify the big differences in the technical quality of the delivered selfies, I decided for black and
white unification. Color tonality was preserved in portraits of tropical plants. These are
wonderfully exotic and uniquely beautiful, and so I perceive each of us. I see an Exotic Solitaire
in a mirror of each woman.

The series counts on 40 portraits of women, with reference to the original meaning of the word
quarantine. To date, I have received 22 selfies.

Katka Pračková
Sep 14, 2020, Mazunte Oaxaca.