a Sip of Light

Dúšok Svetla

2021 – 2023

As the first light of morning gradually unveiled the majestic peaks, growing stronger with each
passing minute, it cascaded down to carve sharp lines in the deep valley, still immersed in
darkness. Eventually, the rays of light reached the bottom, illuminating the roaring river. This
magnificent spectacle could be witnessed as one of nature’s endless and dramatic scenes,
performed day after day, regardless of the observer or the weather.

In all my years of travel, it is these moments of pure, unadulterated nature that hold the most
cherished place in my heart. They reside deep within, revisited in memories and dreams.

And then it was there, in a small rustic beach theater on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, that I
was left breathless by the aesthetic created by the performers. Underneath a palm roof on a
wooden stage, the magical interplay of light and darkness transformed their bodies and
evoked profound emotions.

As the dancer defied the laws of gravity, effortlessly soaring through the air and gracefully
descending to touch the earth, I deeply felt the connection between earth, human, and space.

“A SIP OF LIGHT,” a series of diptychs, combines my passion for the dance between solidity
and fluidity, the hidden and the visible—an eternal story told through humans and nature,
endlessly repeating.

Everything is subject to the spell of constant change. Nothing remains the same.

Yet, as long as the clouds drift across the sky, painting their abstract art, the rain cleanses my
soul, the moon stirs my emotions, and the sun warms my body, I am here, presented with the
opportunity to experience it all.

Amidst the ever-shifting tapestry of existence, I find solace in the kaleidoscope of moments,
each a brushstroke on the canvas of time. Within the ceaseless symphony of change, I
embrace the ethereal dance of perpetual metamorphosis. The interplay of light and darkness,
a mesmerizing ballet of shadows and illumination, mirrors the labyrinthine depths of the soul.

“A SIP OF LIGHT,” with its diptychs woven like poetry, captures the delicate nuances of this
eternal intermingling. Its frames capture the elusive whispers of connection, inviting to
immerse in the enigmatic interplay between self and cosmos.

In this cosmic waltz, the experiences, emotions, and aspirations entwine, revealing profound
beauty of existence. With each breath, I embrace the mystique of life’s cadence, enraptured
by the poignant revelation that, within the boundless expanse of existence, I am both the
observer and the observed.

Katka Beňadik Pračková
June 20, 2023, Prievidza, Slovakia