In the praPRASKUPENSTVÁ series 2017-18, Ms. Pračková focuses on the very broad theme of water. She returns cyclically in her work to the consideration of the memory of water (water in its states), as illustated in her 2008 series, Distant Proximity. At the core of this current digital photography series is water; in terms of its seemingly static energy, the origin of its spirit, and its various states. Pračková manipulates her photographic images by using an overlay technique. She layers multiple images in order to obtain her desired effect. Intentionally, she uses images which are geographically distant from one another. The layered photos combine various incompatible locations such as the Kilimanrajo Glacier with the Tasman Sea. These combinations result in the creation of a non-existent reality, one that lies in a completely new dimension. The large format photographs provide for a visually intensive experience. The use of the layering method allows for creating a graphic to painting manuscript, accomplished sometimes by accident and sometimes through deliberate intervention. This entire process enables the photographs to be dynamically expressive and highly cultivated in their artistic character.

curator Silvia Saparová, 
English correction Susan Lawrence