Born in 1977 in Handlová, Czechoslovakia.
Currently resides in Mexico.


2008 – 2009 Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany
~ Art History and Aesthetics | Kunstwissenschaft
1997 – 2002 Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
~ 2002 Master in Strategic Management
~ 2000 Bachelor in Management
1995 – 2000 University of Economy Bratislava, Slovakia
~ 2000 Master in Business and Marketing
~ 1998 Bachelor in Business


2003 3rd place, RENAULT Design Competition, Slovak Technical University, Department of Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
~ Renault Series in collaboration with technical designer Marcel Hečko, Slovakia


2013 9th WestLicht Photographica Auction, Vienna, Austria
2013 8th WestLicht Photographica Auction, Vienna, Austria
2004 52.mimoriadna aukcia fotografie, Auction Society SOGA, Bratislava, Slovakia, 14th Month of Photography


2021 PHOTOVISA Club of Friends “Artist about Artist” about Tibor Huszár
2020 PHOTOVISA 2020, online dialog with Nikita Pirogov accompanying the joint exhibition Towards Harmony
2016 Fotocentrum Darian, Poprad, Slovakia, Slávi©k Soul
2004 House of Photography, Poprad, Slovakia, (un)Covered by Darkness


2023 Galéria ROS, Levice, Slovakia, National parks of USA
2019 Art Point Gallery, Prievidza, Slovakia, Od potkana k sloniemu uchu
2019 art cafe Groteska, Poprad, Slovakia, Venezuela
2018 Art Point Gallery, Prievidza, Slovakia, Po stopách Caculkana
2002 UPC, Bratislava, Slovakia, Spicy Thailand
2000 Elam Foto Club, Bratislava, Slovakia, Morocco


2022 Protože můžu, Brno, Czech Republic
~ Flying barrel, The MoUCHY Art Group, a permanent object installation in space
2022 Winery Hauser Estate, Moravská Nová Ves, Czech Republic
~ Barrel revived – Cabernet Moravia, Merlot, Chardonnay, objects
2020 El Instituto Iguana, Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico
~ Through The Eyes Of Buddha, object
2019 Galéria Mesta Prievidza, Prievidza, Slovakia
~ Pocta Slobode, large format collage
2017 Galéria Mesta Prievidza, Prievidza, Slovakia
~ Za zlatou bránou, complete group exhibition
2017 Photography Archive dedicated to International Festival of Photography Dni Fotografie v Leviciach, Levice, Slovakia
~ #Calla, series Dark In Light, Light in Dark
2016 Haus der Fotografie Vienna, Austria
~ #MHN, series  Slávi©k Soul
2014 Art Point Gallery, Galéria Mesta Prievidza, Prievidza, Slovakia
Bibliothèque nationale de France Paris, France
~ series Distant Proximity
2004 House of Photography Poprad, Slovakia
~ #B., series (un)Covered by Darkness
2003+ private collections worldwide


2022 Stre(e)t PD multi-genre festival 4, Námestie Slobody, Prievidza, Slovakia
~ Freedom and Coal Miner – Love Affair, a mixed media collage
2019 Stre(e)t PD multi-genre festival, Námestie Slobody, Prievidza, Slovakia
~ Pocta Slobode, a mixed media large format collage
2016 Garden of Mendel Museum of Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


2022 Flying Barrel, Object installation in space, The MoUCHY Art Group
2020 Through The Eyes Of Buddha, Book Sculpture, Object
2018 O Múze, Smrti a VýťahuPhotographic Assemblage
2017 Three Dice, Photographic Sculptures
2017 VlnoĽadoLomPhotographic Sculpture
2016 Dress as 3D Object, in cooperation with fashion designer Andrea Pojezdálová, Slovakia
2013 FejsBUK, Photographic Assemblage